Electroluminescence – Dispelling the Myth

Light Tape New Colour TwistRecently I posted a blog on the internet about our Light Tape® product and the reaction was amazing, plenty of hits, a healthy mix of comments posted ranging from the extremely excited to the calm knowledge seekers with the obligatory few that are ready to knock anything that even smells of advancement, basically the kind of mix of comments that’s more than acceptable, extremely healthy and lets you know that all in all you’re promoting a pretty dame good product. However, there was one posting in particular that made me stop and really think. The general gist of the comment was that this isn’t new, it’s only EL technology, it’s been around for years; it’s never been bright enough and doesn’t last very long.

After mulling over the comment for a minute or two I found myself wondering where this guy had been for the past few years or what he’d seen. Yes, up until around 5 to 10 years ago without question the quality of EL products left much to be desired. In fact depending on where you get the product to this day it can live up to the negative comments but, lets not tar every EL manufacturer with the same ‘poor quality’ brush.  I decided it might be a good idea to update the ‘negative poster’ on the more recent developments of the product that at sometime in his past had interested him briefly only to yield disappointing results and it would seem, had until now led him to totally disregard EL as a viable lighting source. You can only provide the facts and hope they connect with an open mind.  The following, here expanded, is basically my answer to any doubting Thomas.

Just over 5 years ago the US company Sylvania developed a new generation phosphor for use in plasma televisions. This high quality, Natural Blue phosphor was brighter and had a hugely extended life span than any produced before and can be seen in application in millions of homes around the world.  In 2008 a next ‘new generation’ phosphor was developed, this time using an Extreme Green phosphor.

This next generation Extreme phosphor is even brighter and lasts even longer than the natural Blue.  At trade shows we demonstrate the product under standard lighting conditions unlike some of the competitive products that have to be viewed in a ‘blacked out’ booth.  After replying to the doubter I sat and thought of all the people I’d met at various trade shows and meetings some of which had never seen the product before and who had been really blown away by the quality, brightness and variety of colours it comes in and even the people who had seen EL before, even on that day and were like our friend disappointed, until that is they saw Light Tape®. They couldn’t believe the advances in the product and it was said time and again that this was one EL product that was now truly viable for a variety of uses.  And, just incase you’re wondering what those ‘uses’ could be here’s a short list: Architecture, Bars, Restaurants, Theatres, Hotels, Cinemas, Point of Sale, Animation, Acrylic Etching, Exhibition and Events, Marine Lighting, Sports Halls and Arenas, Brand and Store Promotion, Aircraft Cockpits, Under the eaves of a house, under Kitchen cupboards and plinths, on Patios, Home Cinemas….. the list can go on and on. Where clean, modern lighting enhancement is required Light Tape® can deliver.

In conclusion then I have to say that yes, some EL products currently available for purchase are diabolical, but not all. It is always wise to keep an open mind where technology is concerned. Things rarely stand still, particularly with a product that has many benefits to its credit as does the Electroluminescence product Light Tape®.

Both Natural Blue and Extreme Green Light Tape® products are manufactured in the United States by Electro-LuminX to a high specification, using Sylvania premium quality light emitting phosphors and Honeywell Encapsulant Systems and are distributed in UK and Ireland by Light Tape UK Limited. 

The Light Tape® product is Electroluminescence at its best.

For more application ideas and further details on the Light Tape® product go to: http://www.lighttape.co.uk

What is Light Tape®?

Light Tape® is made up of metal ribbon coated in Sylvania phosphor and encapsulated in a Honeywell laminate. Light Tape® has no glass, no gas, and no mercury/heavy metals and so is user and environment friendly. Light Tape® provides an 85% – 90% energy saving against other commercially available light sources such as Neon and Cold Cathode and due to its thinness (just 0.5mm thick, as thin as a business card) and being lightweight, affords inherent flexibility of use providing a neater, modern, space saving alterative that is easy to install with little to no maintenance and has a long working life. For further information go to: www.lighttape.co.uk


About Light Tape UK Limited: Based in Barnsley South Yorkshire Light Tape UK Limited is the exclusive distributor for Electro-LuminX products in the UK and Ireland.

For further information please contact:  Mike Hardcastle, Managing Director,

Light Tape UK Ltd. 7 Meadowfield Drive, Hoyland, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. S74 0QE

Telephone: +44 (0)845 617 0697   Mob: +44 (0) 7899 790 669

email: info@lighttape.co.uk  web page: www.lighttape.co.uk


About mikeltukl
About Light Tape Light Tape UK Ltd have launched a revolutionary, cost-effective slim and flexible electroluminescent lighting strip system that operates from low amperage supplies to provide numerous applications for use in industrial and commercial areas. Uses range from directional strip lighting in fire and safety applications to automotive, architectural and entertainment applications, as well as advertising displays and graphic display light boxes. It can even replace neon signage, notably for graphic display light boxes, where Light Tape enables greatly reduced box thickness to just 12mm, a huge reduction on other commercially available florescent light signage systems, which are 40mm thick. Light tape itself is just 0.5mm thick (as thin as a business card) and lightweight affording inherent flexibility of use and with this and the thinner Light Tape light boxes, the weight of the system is considerably reduced making it easier and safer to handle. Light tape provides an 85% - 90% energy saving against other commercially available florescent light boxes and Light Tape is also the longest and brightest electroluminescent lamp in the world. It can be supplied in a range of colours and widths, with lengths of up to 300ft or more. By varying supply voltage and frequency, the brightness and hue of Light Tape can also be adjusted. Driven by specially devised power supplies, it can be used in flashing or steady state modes in indoor or outdoor applications. The design of this state of the art product is both safe, there is no mercury incorporated in it, no glass to break or gas to escape, and is highly energy efficient too. A 25mm wide by 300ft long Light Tape, consumes less power than a 100W light bulb whilst also being at least twice the brightness of alternative EL technologies. In outdoor illuminated signage applications Light Tape can be seen for miles. A NASA study for the Air Force on Light Tape showed the technology easily visible from distances over five miles away. Notably Light Tape penetrates fog, snow, haze and other normally poor visibility conditions. Light Tape is easy to install, and requires virtually no maintenance compared to alternative lighting technologies and the flat, flexible, plastic lamp generates no heat and can be wrapped around corners." bend radius is just 2mm. And unlike fiber optics, Light Tape loves to be flashed sequentially or selectively which not only enhances applications but also significantly extends life. Multi-channel sequences and flashers are also available for use with Light Tape. Light Tape is the most versatile light bulb ever developed! Patent protected Light Tape is the thinnest, longest and brightest electroluminescent lamp in the World. Light Tape is extremely light, flexible and very easy to install. We offer multiple colors, a variety of widths and lengths of 100m or longer.

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