Light Tape® Installations from around the World

Custom compass – Florida, USA   

Richmond Yachts, based in the USA, commissioned this detailed custom made compass design inlay into an onyx floor. A large sheet of Light Tape® is placed under the beautiful compass design within the flooring. The actual design also is made up of inlaid onyx pieces too and the overall effect is stunning when lit. 

Onyx flooring on Yacht – Florida, USA  

Onyx backlit with Light Tape

Lazzara Yachts Onyx Floor Backlit with Light Tape


Light Tape® and Lazzara Yachts worked together to create this custom backlit onyx floor. Once again shown to great effect is the use of Light Tape® when placed under a stunning onyx floor. The finished lit effect is quite breath taking. 

Storefront Lighting– Greece


Shop Window Lighting with Light Tape

Light Tape Shop Window Lighting


Give your shop front a facelift. Accent it with a Light Tape® colour that compliments your logo or shop colours. Crisp modern lines, vivid, bright colours; be creative, draw in the crowds. Get your shop noticed from down the road; invite curiosity and set the stage for your very own sales bonanza. 

Dominican Republic – Wall accents – London UK  


Illuminate plain internal walls or external facades with Light Tape® strips or cut outs, and create a lively atmosphere at the flick of a switch. Create a modern, sophisticated, artistic statement, in entrances, as a centre piece in a room or on an external façade, by simply arranging Light Tape® in strips or patterns for something completely different and inventive. 

Perfect for TV sets – Singapore  

Sibos TV Studio Set Singapore

Light Tape® is perfect for the event industry as it produces consistent light from end to end and, does not give off a glare when filmed or photographed. Amazing results that create an impression and set the scene are easily produced using Light Tape® as seen on this stage set in Singapore. 2″ Classic Yellow was used to create this effect. 

Essence Awards 2009 – New Orleans, USA  


Light Tape® collaborated with Display Supply and Lighting and Mardi Gras Productions to create the VIP lounge at the 2009 Essence Awards at the Superdome in New Orleans. This simple, futuristic room design was created by contrasting the clean lines of the Light Tape® and the chunky soft furnishings against the silky smooth chocolate overtones of the dark oak walls and floor. 1″ Classic Media White was used to create geometric designs throughout the lounge. 

Illuminate Yaletown – Canada  

Strips of Light Tape® were used to create a ball shape to uniquely light up this walkway as part of a winter party called Illuminate Yaletown in Vancouver, Canada. Though simple in design the Light Tape® balls proved a hit for using light in a new and innovative way. The picture shows the effects captured on camera of the balls twirling on their wire. 

Scooter Lighting – South Africa  

From South Africa we have a safety feature that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the scooter it is featured on, accenting the frame and letting people know that you’re there. 1/2″ Natural Blue Light Tape® was used to create this effect. 

Creative awning – South Africa  

To add interest and artistic flair to this building, Light Tape® was incorporated to enhance the design of the awning, bringing the structure to life and creating this ethereal look. 2″ Extreme Blue-Green Light Tape® was used integrated with the Snap-N-Light™ solution. 

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