More International Light Tape® Installations

Our last blog post proved to be so popular that we have been asked for more of the same in this issue. So, here we go with more application ideas that became Light Tape® successes.

Quill Bar Jefferson Hotel, Washington DC, USA

The use of Light Tape® in the spectacular Quill Bar, Jefferson Hotel, Washington D C, demonstrates just how effective the product is at creating the spectacular.  A stunning bar of hand-molded glass is illuminated from within, by the Light Tape® product, creating a soft amber glow that gives the lounge area a warm, sensuous ambiance that is truly inviting.

Kaspersky Exhibitions – UK

Enhance your exhibition stand simply but effectively with Light Tape® as shown above. Clean lines and modern effects can be easily produced to create any design from the minimalistic (shown) to the more adventurous super space age effect.  Whichever way you choose to go the effect will always make your stand STAND OUT from the crowd.  Stand lit with 1” wide Green Light Tape®.

Home Cinema – Spain

If you have or are planning to have a home cinema installed Light Tape® strips can be used as an alternative/complementary lighting solution that is attractive when lit, is dimmable, so you can set it to the brightness that the room requires and costs less to run than any other lighting source available today.

Golf Café Bar – Leeds UK

For that little something extra:  Light Tape® added to any external surface can highlight and add interest. You can add as little or as much as you want, to produce the subtle effect shown.  

Bar Stairs – USA 

When it comes to safety with an edge look no further than Light Tape®.  Make stairs and uneven floors (edges of dance floors etc) safer and more visible with the benefit of light, which also has the advantage of looking attractive and adding a splash of truly visible colour and interest to any bar or club.  This is one safety essential that really looks good too.

Balcony Lights – South Africa

Lighting that is discreet and stylish comes in many forms; here we have a Light Tape® installation that really fits the bill, it provides a very effective and non-intrusive multi-light ensemble whilst creating an effect that is tranquil and inviting.

Franz Ferdinand Stage Backdrop European Tour

This is Light Tape® on a large scale in the pop world. The Franz Ferdinand Stage Backdrop is made up of 1/2” Natural Blue Light Tape® joined together to create squares, the whole thing is DMX controlled.  Photo © Steve Jennings, Franz Ferdinand’s 2009 tour.

Great for Gaming – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Light Tape® is as thin as a credit card, cool to touch and does not contain glass or gas and so is ideal for this kind of application. Providing added interest to these gaming tables whilst being safe, Light Tape® can be operated either by being plugged in to the mains electricity via a transformer or by battery for portability.

Kitchen Cove Lighting – USA

Light Tape® is an ideal complementary lighting system that can add a touch of colour and panache to any kitchen design. Highlight the edges of the ceiling as shown above by fixing Light Tape® into coving or add a cosy lighting effect to walls above or beneath cupboards. Dare to be different.

Plane Cockpit Lighting – USA

Light Tape® can be used in a cockpit, as shown above, in the cab of a truck or anywhere where non-intrusive lighting is required so that information can be read in darkened conditions without destroying night vision. Ideal for use on land, sea or in the air, Light Tape® offers the perfect solution.

Gemray Coffee Table – London UK

For something completely different in coffee tables here we have not only an unusual shape but also a design that has a real edge (pun intended) on the competition. Its fun and its definitely different, a sure-fire talking point at any gathering.

Nightclub floor edge lighting – Birmingham UK

In the interest of safety, it makes sense to ensure that steps and varying floor level changes are as visually obvious as possible.  Light Tape® offers a solution that is not only ideal for this very purpose but also adds a touch of pizzazz to any entertainment venue.

Bathroom Cove Lighting USA

Enjoy your bath in style and sooth away all tensions in a bathroom that has a soft, cosy yet opulent feel. Lighting is so important when it comes to creating a mood and by Illuminating the coving on a vaulted ceiling with Light Tape®  you can transform the ordinary in to something truly spectacular and oh, so inviting.

Home Bar Lighting Five years and still going strong! – British Columbia

“Love the product… It has been lighting up my bar for five years now.” – From a satisfied customer in British Columbia. What more is there left to say?

Cosmic Bowl  – Nigeria

Easy to install under the gutter caps either side of the bowling lanes or really anywhere Light Tape® adds its own style of lighting to complete the stunning effect shown above. Run the entire length of the lane with only one connection, Light Tape® is easily tied into your mixing system for dimming and flashing capabilities.

Muse Piano Sheffield UK

Matt Belemy’s piano fitted with Light Tape® Muse concert Sheffield Arena, November 2009

Light Tape Furniture – Greece

This sofa offers yet another example of Light Tape®  being used in furniture.

Highlight a feature area Visions Men’s Club – New Orleans USA

Colour and light in abundance here as 2″ Rich Red Light Tape is laid into recessed channels in the walls leading to the VIP area, creating a more upscale yet funky vibe.
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