Light Tape® News April 2012

See Light Tape® + NEW GloPro HiViz Safety Clothing at Safety & Health Expo 15-17 May 2012 NEC Birmingham, Hall 1, Stand C23

Light Tape® Improves Night Safety for Road and Rail Workers

Reflective strips on high visibility jackets and clothing are useful in providing some protection for workers who work at night or in low visibility weather, but the material relies on its interaction with external and/or vehicle lights to be effective.

Our New Glo-Pro Range of Safety Clothing uses Light Tape® as an extra safety feature so even in dark, misty conditions the wearer can be seen for distances over 1 mile when the Light Tape® strip is lit.

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Light Tape® International Installations

Light Tape® Hotel Dive Bahrain

2 inch wide Rich Red Light Tape® was installed in Snap-N-Lite for Hotel Diva in Bahrain, providing a solid state lamp which uses less than 1/4 the power of LED and 1/28th the power of traditional Neon lighting coupled with greatly improved reliability.

Light Tape® New Improved 9V Battery Pack

New improved 9V driver has fixed permanent direct connection. The jack plug connection on the Light Tape® 9V driver has been changed to a more robust direct connection, the old jack plug was very small making it easy to damage if not handled carefully. Electro-LuminX proactively made the change in line with it’s ongoing product improvement program.

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Light Tape® on Benton Metro Footbridge Newcastle Upon Tyne

Benton Metro Station is on the Tyne and Wear Metro Yellow line between Four Lane Ends and Palmersville. A former railway station, it retains many of the original station buildings. The Station serves Benton in North Tyneside just north of Newcastle Upon Tyne, in the North East of England.

During 2011 Benton Metro Station Footbridge was upgraded to give better disabled access, providing lift access to both platforms.

Light Tape® has been used to create a modern display lighting effect to both lift shafts and the main bridge walkway.

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Light Tape® Whalley Range High School Manchester

2″ Light Tape® Snap-N-Light used to create lighting effect on new extension to Whalley Range Girls High School Manchester.

Installed by Barratt Electrical and Mechanical from an original design by Holophane Limited of Milton Keynes.

Light Tape® backlights bar at the gallery Gastro-Brasserie sketch London

Light Tape® used on Walkway by Light Tape South Africa.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 on Light Tape Plinth at the New York International Auto Show 2012


Electro-LuminX Lighting Corporation has spent nearly 20 years developing and refining their patent-protected Light Tape electroluminescent lighting technology. Recently, the product was an integral part of a striking national billboard campaign led by MetroMedia Technologies (MMT) to launch the new Jeep Call of Duty MW3 Edition vehicle.

The campaign was released in conjunction with the Modern Warfare 3 video game that debuted November 2011. Billboards were unveiled in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, becoming the largest fully backlit electroluminescent billboard campaign to date.  

The creative artwork for the Jeep campaign featured a unique day-to-night advertisement created by MMT. During the day, the Call of Duty Jeep is depicted driving across a rocky desert valley. But as the sun goes down and the Light Tape comes to life: a helicopter appears in the sky, a rock turns into a crushed vehicle, and the “Sunday Drive” turns into a battle scene. Weeks in preparation and a team of visionaries made this transformation possible.

Roughly 2000 square feet of Light Tape EL uniformly backlight the three billboards. A new patent-pending process enabled the standard billboards to be retrofitted with the lightweight, energy-efficient backlighting in a matter of hours, not days.

What is Light Tape®?

Light Tape® uses less than one twentieth of the power and is half the price of Neon and Cold Cathode display lighting, it is flexible, easier to install and maintain, reduces light pollution, produces no waste heat or infrared light and is fully recyclable, uses No Gas, No Glass and No Mercury.

Light Tape® is the longest and brightest electroluminescent lamp in the world. It can be supplied in a range of colours and widths, in lengths up to 100m. Driven by specially devised power supplies, it can be used in flashing or steady state modes in indoor or outdoor applications. The design is safe with no mercury, no glass to break or gas to escape and it’s highly energy efficient too. In application, it is easy to install, requiring virtually no maintenance compared to alternative lighting technologies.

About Light Tape UK Limited

Based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire Light Tape UK Limited is the exclusive distributor for Electro-LuminX® products in the UK and Ireland. (more)

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Light Tape® International Installations

Light Tape® Nike Event by Gallagher Designs USA

Light Tape® was used to add the finishing lighting touches both above, in 1” wide and below on the plinth in 6”wide on the Nike products display stands shown in the pictures above and directly below. I’m sure you will agree that the effect proves more eye catching than the other displays featured at the trade event. The Light Tape® adds a touch of finesse that is both in keeping with the clean, no nonsense Nike product arrangement on the stand whilst not overpowering the display.

Light Tape® Home Theatre Lighting by Finite Solutions Leeds UK

Light Tape® Home Theatre Lighting by Finite Solutions Leeds UK

Light Tape® was fitted at a relatively low level in a home cinema room, offering a dual purpose solution by providing added interest to the room design with the simple, yet effective use of light decoratively, whilst also providing a low cost visual aide that provides a non-invasive, non-glare source of edge lighting that can help prevent tripping while walking in the room in low light levels.

Petrol Station Canopy Light Tape® Austria

Once again Light Tape® has put the finishing touch to a Petrol Station Canopy this time in Austria. Fitted with 1” wide in Extreme Rich Red colour, using the Snap-N-Light system, Light Tape® provides an outstanding alternative to Neon and Cold Cathode that is easy to fit, more economical to run and looks just great!

Shush FM Nightclub LumaGrip™ stair lighting Light Tape UK

When light is needed on a stair case usually the only source to be found is either on the ceiling or on the wall. Reasonable I guess, that’s where normally is. But, tripping happens mostly because the steps themselves can be thrown in to shadow by the very people walking up and down them. The solution….. LumaGrip™.  LumaGrip, shown here at the Shush FM Nightclub is fitted on to the tread of the stair in a standard stair nosing, illuminated by Light Tape®, LumaGrip provides light that can be seen clearly from both the top and bottom of the stairs without glare and has a anti-slip surface for added safety, complying with Health and Safety regulations.

Light Tape Edge Lit Acrylic Light Tape® Innovations USA

Light Tape® can also be used to provide the light source on an Edge Lit Acrylic sign. Once fitted the effect is stunning with the lit design appearing to float within its acrylic frame. This offers a chic alternative to the usual Neon 1950’s style of lit signage.

2” Light Tape® on Restaurant step edges USA

Light Tape® is often used to provide a “different” kind of interior decoration. In the restaurant shown above, the 2” Light Tape used is also fulfilling a practical function by highlighting the front edges of the steps leading from the main dining room to an elevated area. This not only addresses a possible trip hazard, but effectively adds an additional decorative element too. And, the beauty of using Light Tape® is that the running costs prove to be much less than that of other decorative lighting.

Light Tape® bar under lighting 

What a fantastic effect! 1/2” Natural Blue Light Tape® was fitted beneath the counter of the bar providing under lighting that creates a stunning effect, creating a stylish atmosphere with a fun element.

Balcony Lighting Snap-N-Light, Light Tape® Greece

Add a simple line of light around the upper and lower edges of the balcony areas, as seen on these apartments, to add instant interest and definition. You can create the” sky scraper” effect and bring design ideas to life whilst producing an effect that is not over stated proving that less is defiantly more.

Micro Branding Light Tape® Singapore


Promote your company/product/brand or service easily and with a dash of panache using Micro Branding with Light Tape®. 2” Light Tape® was used to back light a printed clear vinyl. The two products are fed into a casing that is fixed around the top edge of a “poser “table.  The information displayed can then be shown lit on steady or flash setting and can be powered using a rechargeable long life battery. This offers an alternative, ideal solution for promotional stands and events. Get your message across and noticed with the Light Tape® Micro Branding effect.

Infinity Mirrors Light Tape® Greece

Not just a mirror, these are almost pieces of art. The infinity mirrors featured here have Light Tape® integrated into their design which has transformed them in to eye catching, design features using light in a new and exciting way that will create an instant ice breaker at any gathering. Truly unusual and visually stunning.

Kitchen Plinth Lighting

Plinth lighting in the kitchen is fast becoming as popular as under wall unit lighting and it’s easy to see why. Using just ½” wide Light Tape® the light reflects off the floor of the room producing a truly unusual and visually stunning addition, to the more traditional wall and ceiling lighting.

 Kitchen Mood Lighting

Now this is what I call different! What a truly spectacular effect. Warm and cosy yet very, very modern with a futuristic mix of the Light Tape® above and below the cupboards.

Bar Edge Lighting Light Tape® South Africa

Light Tape® is used here to add a touch of light to the inner edge of a bar counter using 1” natural blue tape. The general effect fits right in with the fun, design of this ultra modern bar, complimenting the design with a final flourish of lit colour that matches the recessed design at the back of the bar perfectly.

Celldwelller Klayton Light Tape®

And finally: Light Tape® provides the perfect lighting effect here when used to highlight the drum kit and frame the set for up and coming artist Calldweller Klayton. The lighting effect creates a very atmospheric stage setting that has great appeal.

About Light Tape UK Limited

Based in Barnsley South Yorkshire Light Tape UK Limited is the exclusive distributor for Electro-LuminX products in the UK and Ireland.

For further information please contact:  Mike Hardcastle, Managing Director,

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