Belvedere Vodka Event Bar Cannes

Belvedere Vodka Event Bar Cannes

Light Tape Event Bar Plinth Lighting Belvedere Cannes.


Light Tape USA at LDI Show 2013 Las Vegas Convention Center

Light Tape USA at LDI Show 2013 Las Vegas Convention Center

Element Lounge Edge Lit Acrylic Display

Element Lounge Edge Lit Acrylic Display

This display used a standard 15mm clear acrylic, the corners have a 10mm radius and the edges are flame polished, be careful not to allow the heat to build up when flame polishing as this can warp the acrylic. We used 1/2″ Light Tape on all four sides and fix it facing into the acrylic with a 3M 9088 clear double sided adhesive tape, we then insulate with standard insulating tape and wrap to 1/8” on both the front and back face of the acrylic. DO NOT cut into the Light Tape when trimming the encapsulation. Sign was done using a CO2 Laser to a 0.5mm depth cut in reverse on the back of the acrylic.

Light Tape Table Tennis Bats

Light Tape Table Tennis Bats

Light Tape Table Tennis Bats Extreme Rich Red and Extreme Kryptonite edged bats produced for a cinema advertisement.