Business owners need to get in front of a camera!

Light Tape Video

If you want your SME business to compete in the 21st Century you need to be on YouTube and Vimeo and Daily Motion etc.

Back in 2008 we had two big challenges with Light Tape UK Limited (apart from the worst recession in living memory). One we were marketing a new technology very few people were aware of and two we were spending hours on the phone explaining how it worked to every enquirer.

So we decide, as its a very visual product, why not make a few video’s explaining how it works, worst case we can email the video’s out to enquirers and save all that time on the phone.

Over a weekend we shot, edited and uploaded six video’s to YouTube, the same six video’s are at the top of the video page on our web site.

They worked as expected and saved us loads of time, then after a few months we saw a big spike in enquiries, this was strange as we weren’t running any marketing campaigns at the time, when we asked the question most enquiries tracked back to the video’s.

As you can imagine this sparked our interest, the clincher came though when I started getting calls asking for Mike, when I answered the enquirers came back  enthusiastically with, “Hi Mike, I’ve seen all your video’s and I have a project for Light Tape I’d like to discuss with you”. So not only were the video’s moving the sale forward I also had a pretty good level of rapport with the enquirer, to date I have had this same conversation hundreds of times.

Now, over five years later, online video is our main marketing tool, the results speak for themselves. Our main Database is over 10,000 names, we get phone enquiries every day, on one YouTube channel alone we have had over 500,000 views which is not bad for a specialty niche product.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.12.57

Most business owners are hiding behind their web pages, if they have invested in Video Marketing its based around the product or service they supply, its typically cold and clinical and even though the production may be broadcast quality its not personal it has no soul.

My advice is get behind a camera and just talk with some passion about your business, become to “Go-to Guy” in your industry, there’s no excuse now, even my iPhone 6 has equivalent or better production quality than the kit I was using back in 2009.

Why should you use online video in your marketing, below is a screen shot from Light Tape’s lead capture email for the last 7 days.

Light Tape Leads

Final thought, it’s YouTube you are not trying to win an Oscar for Cinematography, when someone goes to Google or YouTube they are asking a question, if your video is reasonable quality and answers their question, quickly without a load of waffle, you may just get them to send you their contact details in return for more information, where I come from that’s called Marketing.

Light Tape UK Ltd Exclusive distributor of Light Tape® the thinnest, longest, brightest and most environmentally friendly electroluminescent lamp in the World.


About mikeltukl
About Light Tape Light Tape UK Ltd have launched a revolutionary, cost-effective slim and flexible electroluminescent lighting strip system that operates from low amperage supplies to provide numerous applications for use in industrial and commercial areas. Uses range from directional strip lighting in fire and safety applications to automotive, architectural and entertainment applications, as well as advertising displays and graphic display light boxes. It can even replace neon signage, notably for graphic display light boxes, where Light Tape enables greatly reduced box thickness to just 12mm, a huge reduction on other commercially available florescent light signage systems, which are 40mm thick. Light tape itself is just 0.5mm thick (as thin as a business card) and lightweight affording inherent flexibility of use and with this and the thinner Light Tape light boxes, the weight of the system is considerably reduced making it easier and safer to handle. Light tape provides an 85% - 90% energy saving against other commercially available florescent light boxes and Light Tape is also the longest and brightest electroluminescent lamp in the world. It can be supplied in a range of colours and widths, with lengths of up to 300ft or more. By varying supply voltage and frequency, the brightness and hue of Light Tape can also be adjusted. Driven by specially devised power supplies, it can be used in flashing or steady state modes in indoor or outdoor applications. The design of this state of the art product is both safe, there is no mercury incorporated in it, no glass to break or gas to escape, and is highly energy efficient too. A 25mm wide by 300ft long Light Tape, consumes less power than a 100W light bulb whilst also being at least twice the brightness of alternative EL technologies. In outdoor illuminated signage applications Light Tape can be seen for miles. A NASA study for the Air Force on Light Tape showed the technology easily visible from distances over five miles away. Notably Light Tape penetrates fog, snow, haze and other normally poor visibility conditions. Light Tape is easy to install, and requires virtually no maintenance compared to alternative lighting technologies and the flat, flexible, plastic lamp generates no heat and can be wrapped around corners." bend radius is just 2mm. And unlike fiber optics, Light Tape loves to be flashed sequentially or selectively which not only enhances applications but also significantly extends life. Multi-channel sequences and flashers are also available for use with Light Tape. Light Tape is the most versatile light bulb ever developed! Patent protected Light Tape is the thinnest, longest and brightest electroluminescent lamp in the World. Light Tape is extremely light, flexible and very easy to install. We offer multiple colors, a variety of widths and lengths of 100m or longer.

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