Light Tape® Shines on BT Mobile TV ad’s

BT Light Tape 4G Wi-fi

75m of 1″ Media White Light Tape® was used on the latest BT Mobile TV ad’s with Hollywood superstar Willem Dafoe. Watch the Ad now.

BT Light Tape

Light Tape® is ideal for creating stunning effects on TV or Movie sets, working just as well with ether film or digital video formats.

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What is Light Tape?

Light Tape® is made up of metal ribbon coated in Sylvania phosphor and encapsulated in a Honeywell laminate. Light Tape has no glass, no gas, and no mercury/heavy metals and so is user and environment friendly. Light Tape® provides an 85% – 90% energy saving against other commercially available light sources such as Neon and Cold Cathode. Light Tape® uses 1 Watt per Meter at 25mm (1”) wide, a 100m length of 25mm wide Light Tape only uses the same power as a 100w light bulb. Due to its ultrathin profile of less than 1mm Light Tape provides a neater, modern, space saving alterative that is easy to install with little to no maintenance and has a long working life of up to 40,000 hours.

Light Tape® uses less than one tenth of the power and is half the price of Neon and Cold Cathode display lighting, it is flexible, easier to install and maintain, reduces light pollution, produces no waste heat or infrared light, is fully recyclable, uses No Gas, No Glass and No Mercury.

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