Light Tape Application Videos

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Light Tape Application Images

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Light Tape Videos

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Light Tape Application Videos

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Is the Square Video the Future for Social Media Mobile Viewing

Hip to be Square

Is Square Video the Future for Social Media?

Video is fast becoming the preferred format for consuming Social Media.

When combined with the Smartphone, video views are growing exponentially.

The digital world is witnessing a massive shift from desktop to mobile views.

Square video (1:1) takes up 78% more screen real estate on a mobile news feed than landscape (16:9).

VentureBeat recently found 92% of Facebook daily users (1.09 billion) accessed it via mobile.

Square video also fills more on-screen space on both Instagram & Twitter.

The bottom line, size matters and bigger is a better visual draw.

Whilst 16:9 may still be the preferred format for desktop the world is going mobile and the 1:1 aspect ratio is here to stay.

Maybe it is becoming “Hip to be Square”

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Light Tape Application Images

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